Our Fee Schedule

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 6pm; Closed Sunday

Show Training and Board Fees

Includes: Training services, grooming, conditioning, lessons, and all feed with basic supplements (Platinum Wellness, Renew Gold). Additional hay, feed and/or supplements above our regular feed program will be billed to client and anything other than Platinum products mentioned is the owner’s responsibility to order and pay for. Client’s whose horses are on Platinum GI will pay an upcharge of $45/mo.

Clients whose horses are on Platinum CJ will get a credit of $45/mo. and it’s their responsibility to order and pay for.

Early pay discount of $50 if entire balance is received by the 1st of the month for horses in training for the entire month. Your discount will be applied to the following month’s invoice. Late fee of $25 + 2% of the outstanding balance if paid after the 10th of the month.

Basic Training and Board Fees

Training & Board Fee


Stall Board Fee


Private Paddock


Pasture Board


Show Fees

  • Flat Rate Fees DO NOT include: Entry fees, transportation, shavings, premium/special stabling areas, box seat packages, early arrival fees, additional feed, vet, farrier, layover fees, airfare for additional contract labor, catch rider fees and any medications incurred. Tack stalls and Patronship, all additional fees will be pro-rated among the horses showing.
  • Cancellation policy: Owner/Lessee/Manager is responsible for 50% of the show fee and 100% pro-rata fees per horse entered in case of withdrawal within 7 days of the show. The only exceptions are in case of injury/illness to horse and/or rider/handler with appropriate vet/medical excuse or a last-minute withdrawal by the trainer if horse deemed not ready to show.

One day haul-in show


Class "A"




Regional + Pre-show


Youth Nationals




Scottsdale/Special Events


U.S. Nationals


  • Before major shows clients will be notified via text or email regarding dates of veterinary wellness exam. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the Vet office and or Whistlejacket Farm if they do not want their horse treated.
  • All horses winning a National or Reserve National Championship, with a Whistlejacket trainer, will be billed for a 16×20 picture and frame.
  • All horses will be put on Ulcer meds for the duration of the show. Whistlejacket Farm will order, and it will be billed accordingly. If the owner chooses to order their own ulcer medication, it must arrive to Whistlejacket Farm one week before departure to show and with written email instructions.
  • Class Sections and Pattern Classes: Although Whistlejacket staff will do their best to check sections and patterns for classes, ultimately it is the client’s responsibility to check class sections, patterns and order of go, when applicable.

Other Services

Riding Lessons (horses not in full training)

(Package of 4 lessons $240 if paid in full)

Beginner Riding Lessons

$50/lesson for 2 months only

Photo Session Preparation (Professional)


Photo/Video by Whistlejacket Farm Staff



Actual Charge

Seller Agent's Fee (payable at time of sale)

15% of sale price

Body Clipping


Game Ready Icing

$1 per minute


$1 per minute or $100 per show

Braiding -Forelock/Mane
-Full braid


Day Fee @ Show
(applies to horses at show but not showing)


Horse Transport

$1.00/mile/horse ($150 minimum)

Client Airport Transport

$75/one way from DFW Airport

Veterinary & Health Care

All veterinary and health care bills are the responsibility of the owner.

Billed by veterinarian or charged directly to client’s credit card on file and payable upon receipt of invoice or late fees may apply

All farrier services are the responsibility of the owner.

Billed by farrier or charged directly to client’s credit card on file and payable upon receipt of invoice or late fees may apply

Whistlejacket Farm, at its discretion can apply a service charge to cover staff costs for additional time to perform health care services.


Client to provide day sheet, blanket hood, sleazy, bridle, breast collar (if applicable) and bridle bag upon arrival at Whistlejacket Farm, or they will be purchased and billed to client

Personalized Whistlejacket Halter & Blanket

Billed at vendor price on client’s credit card

Bag Halter/Blanket repair

Billed at vendor price on client’s credit card

Blanket rental

Billed to client $50/ plus repairs and laundry