Equestrian Training and Riding Lessons

Whistlejacket Equestrian Training and Riding Lessons

The Whistlejacket Equestrian Training Facility is a place to come and learn not only about how to ride but about classic horsemanship in the beautiful setting that is Whistlejacket Farm.  Training lessons open the world of horses and equestrian sports to you and your family.  Experience the sense of joy and accomplishment as you progress through the various Levels of equestrian capability and accomplishment.

Membership includes access to the following:

  • Riding instruction from our accomplished professionals.
  • Training and instruction in all aspects of horsemanship
  • Continuing education:
    • Access to clinics and symposiums held at WF
    • Curated travel opportunities to key equestrian locales in the United States and around the world with instructors and other members
  • Leasing opportunities (not ready to buy a horse WF has leasing options available)
  • Acquisition opportunities (WF can source the ideal and suitable horse for a rider’s particular level and personality)
  • Showing and competition (full-service training and showing services from the small local show to the highest levels of national and international competition)

RIDING LESSON SESSIONS                   $65

(Schedule by emailing: membership@gowhistlejacketfarm.com)